We help artists from Eastern Europe reach a wider audience and sell their paintings all over the world. The entire income goes to organisations that aim to nurture the next generation of artists.

Making the world a little bit better - through art.


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Buying a painting from Eastern European Art means buying directly from the artist. We don't take any commission from the works you see listed on our website. This is also why this is not meant to be a web shop, but more like a virtual gallery. If you find something you like, we'll get you in contact with the person who created it and we'll make sure everything runs smoothly with your purchase.

We feature selected artists from Eastern Europe. Anyone can send an inquiry and have their paintings listed on our website for a chosen amount of time (after we make sure they meet our requirements).

Artists pay a one-time fixed amount for each painting that is listed on our website, according to our pricing scheme:

1 week exhibition = EUR 3 per painting
2 weeks exhibition = EUR 5 per painting
3 weeks exhibition = EUR 6 per painting
1 month exhibition = EUR 8 per painting

During the exhibiton we promote your paintings on our social media accounts, partnership network and newsletter.

The entire profit will go to the organisation below.